Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hip Vegan Cafe - Ojai, CA

This restaurant has been in Ojai for at least 3 years and for 3 years I have drove right by. There has been no desire to stop in and try it, which is weird for me - I like food! I like trying new restaurants, I just never stopped. Then one day after being stumped for Christmas gift ideas, I finally did. I got gift certificates for family members who prefer vegan food. I thought while I was there why not try this food and the hippies are raving about...

 I ordered the Spring Rolls which was supposed to be filled with ginger tofu, shiso thai basil, mint, onions and cilantro. However all I tasted in this over wrapped rice paper wrap was spring mix. It was complicated to eat and just flat did not taste good. I dipped it in the sauce hoping for improvement and it was just not my thing. 

I also was served a bowl of soup. I love soup! The vegetables were cooked nicely, not mushy but this too lacked flavor. It for sure was lacking salt, spice and anything naughty for you that makes food taste good. 

I know this food is good for you, but it sure did not make my taste buds happy. To all you people out there that do enjoy it, I am happy for you! Keep eating what you love! I gave it my best shot, it is just not my thing.

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