Monday, January 27, 2014

Las Vegas National Golf Course - Las Vegas, NV

The Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association's Annual Banquet and Convention holds a golf tournament and I signed up the Good Taste's! Professionals and instructors from across the country were set up with us in a scramble format... Lets golf!

I had a ringer fly in from the coast! Hi Kathy!

We didn't get to practice before but at least we look the part!
Our pro was named Justin and from the Phoenix area. He was very patient and kind. Hi Justin!

I was mostly just happy to be there!

Scott took his love of the beach very seriously! He actually handled this shot out like a champion.

Finally, the last drive of the day I actually connected and blasted one. We used it as our last shot to the green!

To celebrate our long day we wandered back tot he South Point Casino and had a fine meal at the Silverado Steak House. i started with my usual, Lobster bisque soup and was pleasantly surprised in the silky flavor. Sometimes I get it and it is too thick for my liking but today it was fabulous.
I went for the Seafood Special of a pan fried Orange Roughy topped with crab. It was delightful. With each bite of mashed potato and creamy sauce I was in heaven. This was the best plate I have had in the Silverado.

To top off my most excellent meal I devoured the creme brulee which was equally fantastic. The day was long and challenging but I spent it with two of my favorite people in the world and tucked into bed overly fed. It was the perfect day.

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