Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gumba's - Sunnyvale, CA

My Dad and I were Sunnyvale for a doctor appointment and we were so excited because after we could go to our favorite Chinese restaurant... Until we walked to the door and realized they closed between lunch and dinner... ?*&$!!! We were disappointed because it is so tasty! Upset but still hungry, we looked across the street and gave Gumba's a try.

I knew when I walked in it wasn't going to be this secret Italian Restaurant that we would love forever and ever but I knew my Dad was starving so we gave it an honest try.

Garlic bread came out, it was ok. Like I said, we were starving so a deep fried cat would have been ok too.

Ravioli please, and keep it coming. If they had to be known for one thing this should be it. We had the Beef Ravioli and the filling was well seasoned and there was plenty of it inside. Cooked to a perfect bite, without the insides exploding out of it. The gravy was solid. 

Let me say this one thing, they are nice and all but if Tao Tao's is open across the street just go there. 
I am just a sucker for their Chicken Salad... It makes me forget about anything else! 

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