Monday, January 20, 2014

Rocio's Mole De Los Dioses - Sun Valley, CA

I have read about Rocio's "Mole of the god's" on many LA based food blogs as well as LA Magazine's "Best Ever's..." so I wanted to try it myself. My husband's plane was delayed in Burbank one afternoon so I decided that was the day. I sat down and was welcomed with a shrimp broth. It was warm and very concentrated. Not the best thing ever, but interesting.

They have a huge selection of mole's to try but I decided to go with the original - the basic - that won the big LA eat off. I paired it with a choice protein of chicken. I thought it was blah. It definitely was mole, and i like mole, but there truly was not anything that set it apart from other mole's I have had. The chicken was cooked nicely and paired well with the rice.

They brought out cactus tortillas to mop up the mole and I thought they were beautiful. 

I left feeling bummed. I had such high expectations of this being a magic mole experience. I should have went for the super spicy one they warned people about on the menu. I think what I was missing was a little spice. It lacked heat. 

Onto the next adventure...

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