Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wingers - Nampa, ID

While in Nampa we had the opportunity to visit a lot of chain restaurants. It is not always my favorite but there is there is something to be said about their overall consistency. They do put out a really nice beer, Tale Pale Ale was a nice refreshing beverage on an extremely warm evening.

And why look at that, they had a painter paint a nice picture of me while I was there... How nice.

We started off with a plate of "Wingers" because it was the namesake of course. They were crispy strips of chicken, bathed in their original "Winger" sauce. I thought it tasted amazing until my nose starting running, and throat started swelling, and eyes watering. Was I allergic? It sure felt that way. What is in that sauce in anyway...

We went ahead with our meal, a little allergy is not going to stop me, Scott ordered the Fish Tacos and thought they were very good. They did serve as difficult little numbers to eat so he used a fork for must of the eating.

Karley had the "Best Chicken Sandwich of her Life" while we were here. How is one chicken sandwich better than the other? I have no idea. She ate everything, including the pickle stuck into the bun.

Melissa Good Taste actually ordered a salad. Oh my god, the world might just stop spinning right now. I was in the mood for something light, maybe a little green and I got all of that in the Asian Chicken Salad. The crispy wontons and grilled chicken were my favorite part and I hunted their little morsels through out the plate.

I did enjoy Wingers besides the little throat swelling in that sauce. I liked the atmosphere, cheap prices, tasty beer and refreshing salad. We returned once more on our trip there and like a sucker fool, I tried the sauce again. it did the same thing to me so I guess I won't be ordering their bbq sauce online...

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