Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ojai Beverage Company - Ojai, CA

On a warm, weeknight before Scott and I left for Las Vegas and Idaho we took a trip downtown and decided to have dinner. We decided on Ojai Beverage Company, also known as OBC and had ourselves an iced cold tonic. It is so cute that they brought out little miniature bottles!

I love, love the "Blow Your Mind Chicken" - shredded chicken with buffalo sauce, bacon, gorgonzola on endive... When you first bite into it you have no idea how hot it actually si, a few minutes go by and then your like, "holy moly"!#$%^! The heat will cool off in your mouth eventually and you will find yourself grabbing for another one! 

I ordered the special - Monte Cristo - I will give you a little bit of personal history with this sandwich. I had my first Monte Cristo as a wee chap at the blue Bayou Restaurant at Disney Land, you know the restaurant that overlooks the Pirates of Caribbean ride. I can remember it tasting so good, so know that when I see one on the menu I order it everytime. This one was a little hard to eat, very unstable for dipping so I had to knife and fork it. I ate half and brought home the rest for breakfast the next day. The fries, were not very good - I like them crispy these are very soggy.

The hubs had the Tri-Tip Panini with mushrooms, brie and caramelized onions! He skipped the fries for a side salad, whan an excellent choice! The sandwich was devoured and our tummies full.

This place is always hopping. Whether for beer lovers seeking their seasonal flights, wine lovers lingering over conversation and a glass or too, or just foodies catching up in the back patio eating their way through the menu. There is something for everyone here!


s said...

Hi, I usually just lurk on your site, but enjoy reading your blog. Bring the fries home next time. Cut them into inch long pieces and rebrown in a frying pan. They crisp up nicely and can be used as a form of hashbrowns.

s said...

I usually just lurk, but enjoy reading your blog pretty regularly. Next time, bring the fries home too. Cut them into smaller pieces and rebrown/crisp them up in a frying pan. They are usually better this way then when you get them with your food. A leftover version of hashbrowns.