Monday, September 9, 2013

Michael's - Las Vegas, NV

I promised you Michael's last night and here you are my friends! Cookie Banuelos so graciously invited Todd Bimat, myself and Scott to dinner at the world class restaurant during our stay in Las Vegas. We seated and treated like royalty all evening. I felt like a princess!

High back chairs, beautiful settings and an antipasto plate to die for! My favorite is the little hard boiled quail eggs. So petite and tasty all at the same time!

I have had the Dover Sole before so the Salmon was my next choice. It was cooked perfectly, of course, and had marinated cucumbers and a backed tomato stuffed with tasty bread crumbs. I loved my meal. I also ordered a side of the Au Gratin Potatoes... I love cream, cheese and potatoes. 

Our meal was capped off my the dessert and fruit tray they bring, chocolate covered everything! Gahhhh, I love Michael's. Thank you to the Gaughn-Banuelos to your continued friendship throughout the years... We left the restaurants with full tummies and happy hearts!

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