Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Taste - Plymouth, CA

I love a good restaurant recommendation from friends. It is a reminder that they like to follow what I do and think enough about me to let me in on their idea of good food. On that note, thank you Tim and Diane Smith for suggesting I dine at Taste in Plymouth. Reservations were strongly recommended so I made them after our cutting at the El Rancho Futurity held in Rancho Murrieta.

We dined with friends Cookie, Katie & Bella Banuelos with Cowboy Ron in tow. We were in our horse show gear and were complimented on the behaved baby dinning and our grace with cowboy hats and spurs. Other diners were apparently watching us through dinner. We passed the inspection it seemed!

We started with their "Mushroom Cigars" for which they are famously known for. Crimini, Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms combined with herbs and goat cheese are wrapped in ever so delicate phyllo and baked until golden delicious. We ordered enough for the table and we loved ever last bite down tot he potato and gravy they came out resting on.

I love when restaurant make their own soup, I can tell when it is a Sysco brand or boat through commercial kitchens. I knew this place was the real deal so I went heavy and ordered their Butternut Squash with a corn fritter soaking up the liquid gold. It was fantastic, it tasted like Fall and had me craving Thanksgiving.

The whole table, besides me of course, ordered the Filet. They must have been upset with the cows they worked at the cutting because they wanted their beef, and they wanted it right now... on a plate, in front of them! The only complaint I had heard on the way home is that the steaks ordered medium rare came out medium. I told them they should have spoke up, a place like that would have no problem replacing. Maybe they were just too hungry.

My plate was amazing! The scallops lovely, just perfection in my world. The polenta was a delicious mattress for those three scallops - not too hard and not too soft. The corn, red onion, peaches and basil lit up the dish without taking over. Simple, elegant, cool.

Flan! Cinnamon! Gelato! Cookie and Scott had fun with their play on the dessert fiesta... Right down to the deep fried tortilla strips. Ole!

A trio of Creme Brulee for Melissa Good Taste! Absolutely delicious although I did have trouble figuring out which flavor was which, I thought the consistency was spot on. 

This was a fantastic meal, in fact the best meal we had in our 8 days spent in Rancho Murieta. Really good food, made right - that was obvious. My one gripe? Our service was pretty slow. I know good food takes time but good service should never be compromised.

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