Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stonehouse Bistro - Rancho Murieta, CA

One of our last few nights in Rancho Murieta was spent at the Stonehouse Bistro. It is always a place we visit at least once and it generally is pretty good.

I ordered the Salmon, it had a bit of parmesan broiled on top - nice touch, and sat on a bed of noodles with tomato and goat cheese. The hot noodles and fish, melted the goat cheese created a kind of sauce, if you will. I loved the salmon, I was craving protein that day. I will order this again.

Scott is a sucker for Meatloaf so he went that way. It was wrapped with bacon, that was not totally an addition to the dish, but a mere disctraction. it was under cooked so we just set it to the side. He ate through the hamburger, taking recess in the mashed potatoes but just wasn't overly impressed. I should make him my Meatloaf this week, to cheer him back up on how it is supposed to taste.

Miss Karley basically ordered the same dish as me but my salmon was replaced with her desired pesto chicken. She loved every bite and I don't blame her.

The Stonehouse seems to try to please, it is on the higher end of the budget in the shopping mall compared to the Chinese, pizza and mexican food joints but it is nice to visit them all. Cheers to you Rancho Murieta and we will see you all again soon, I am sure.

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