Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Enterprise Fish Co. - Santa Barbara, CA

Last week I had the afternoon off with nothing planned so I decided, "Why not head to Santa Barbara?"It is only a quick 45 minutes away and a beautiful drive at that. I wandered up and down State Street a few times, grabbed a few souvenirs and then declared myself famished.

I have had more than one friend recommend Enterprise Fish Co. for Melissa Good Taste to try so I figured today was the day to do it! Rough job, but it has to be done! I started with the lobster bisque because it is always a good way to see if the restaurant has chops. Most places fail at this, bad soup usually equals bad restaurant. The lobster bisque was nice, not the best but certainly something to be proud of.

When I see Scallops on the menu, I get pretty happy. If risotto is on there too, with the option to get them both together, I want to do backflips. I knew immediately that is what I wanted to order and I was so thrilled when it was placed before me. The pictures are just beautiful and absolutely mouthwatering. The scallops came pan fried, giving them a crunchy crust which is welcome at any food party of mine. The risotto was texturally perfect just lacked a little salt, in fact I went ahead and sprinkled some over the entire dish. 

A beautiful day it was in Santa Barbara. Great shopping and walking and with food like this at the end of the day who could actually complain!

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