Friday, September 20, 2013

CHAMPION! - Rancho Murieta, CA

I have had very good luck showing at the El Rancho Futurity. The first aged event I went to there, Scott showed my mare - Winnie - to a fourth place finish in the Open Futurity. The following year, that same horse and I won the Limited Derby with a 222! This year, I entered the Limited Derby on Scotty, my Hick Chicaroo 4 year old, and was fortunate enough to win it again!  

Congratulations Hip Hip Roo Rey!

That evening we had a nice meal with a few people from the show at the Rancho Murieta Country Club. I was a little dehydrated from being out in the sun all day so wine wasn't going down as well as water was. Although, I do highly recommend Western Wind Chardonnay - It is one of my personal favorites.

A wonderful plate of beef, mashed potatoes and butternut squash raviolis were laid out in front of everyone and we happily dug in. I immediately dug into the raviolis and loved every bite, I secretly wished for a never ending bowl of them! The mashed potatoes were fluffy and comforting, carbohydrate heaven. By the time I got to the steak, I was on the verge of full - I tucked in a few bites though!

The dessert tray was passed and I declared the lemon my favorite!

What a terrific day it was! Many thanks to my husband, Scott Weis for his knowledge and ability to get someone into the winners circle is amazing. My parents could not be more supportive! They are also my good luck charms, when they come and watch they bring that extra sparkle! I am one blessed little foodie!!

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