Thursday, March 7, 2013

Horse Babies of 2013!

We had two new babies to add to our remuda. Lets meet them:

This is Lexy. Her mom is Roxy, brother is Roddy and two sisters are Winnie and Cassie. She has quite the family. She is strong and beautiful almost two months old and could probably pack a saddle tomorrow. She is a strong one!

This is King Arthur, he is only a couple weeks old but looks like he is full of life. He has a lot of brothers and sisters out there but I couldn't tell you who they were. His mom spent a spell of her life as a broodmare for a California University. King Arthur is a special horse and we are full of hope for his successful future!


JustinM said...

My middle name is Arthur; my friends used to call me King Arthur when they wanted to tease me when I was a kid. (For some reason I no longer remember, that annoyed me.)

Melissa Good Taste said...

Yay King Arthur!