Sunday, March 17, 2013

Il Cortile - Paso Robles, CA

We had a very important celebratory meal this particular evening. Why you ask? Well, because Cowboy Ron had the ride of his life and was awarded Champion! He won a new shiny buckle, money and all the fame he deserves! Drinking fine wine with a champion is a pretty great way to spend an evening. This particular wine was new to me and worth an online order!

These seared scallops were served on a bed of celery root puree and finished with a yellow tomato, caper, basil sauce. I wish I ordered another plate of this for my entree. Delicious!

Buratta and prosciutto - Who could possibly go wrong with this? 

The pan roasted quail was delicious, however it is the sweet wine reduction that really makes this dish sing!

I had the fish special - Sea Bas and Vegetable Risotto. For once in my life I was disappointed in ordering the fish. I wish I went out of the box on this one. Nothing was bad per se, it just didn't leave me feeling satisfied.

The boys ordered the Osso Bucco and I was jealous. Very jealous. The tender meat, saucy gravy and creamy risotto were making me want to stomp my feet like a little kid green with envy. I took one bite and declared I would never make the same mistake again.

The panna cotta made me feel a little bit better after my order slip up. I just love anything custard!

Well, here we are the: Three Amigos. Horse show after horse show we remain the best of friends, congratulating each other on great runs and cheering up the other when things don't go our way. It is a special friendship that I am so fortunate to have.

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