Sunday, March 3, 2013

El Pescador - Fillmore, CA

When Scott and I traveL back and forth on Highway 126 - the road that connects us to Interstate 5 - we often cannot stop anywhere to eat, as we are usually hooked up to the horse trailer. As you can imagine, horses are impatient in the trailer so we are always in a rush to get them home so stopping at sit down restaurants are out of the question. My mom and stopped by on our trip to Del Mar so I could finally try the restaurant I have driven past a million times. The chips and salsa started our meal off great. 

I even noticed a tortilla machine upon entering - How cool is that?!

I started off with a shredded beef taco and it was excellent! The tortilla was fried up to order and the beef filled with flavor. I would go back for another round of tacos!

My mom and I shared the Combination Fajitas and it was a ton of food! Steak, chicken, shrimp and lots of vegetables made this a feast! Everything was marinaded and cooked perfectly.

I was pleasantly surprised to have an excellent meal here and will be back to sample the margaritas next!


Sippity Sup said...

I drive that way sometimes. What's the name? GREG

Melissa Good Taste said...

El Pescador