Friday, March 22, 2013

Beaches, Burgers and Boys - Ventura, CA

Today was an excellent day for some afternoon sun! So why not catch in a few rays at the beach after a morning of chores at the ranch???...

Guess who got to come along for the ride... WILLY WEIS!

We couldn't forget Buster either... He likes the beach well enough but Willy, that dude, he really loves it. They chased each other, a ball and some other patrons but it was so fun to see them break loose from Upper Ojai.

Scott even brought me an umbrella, what a guy. My poor skin would be fried if I was out there without any kind of protection.

We attempted a family photo and called it good. I would say it came out quite nice!

Scott had been brag, brag, bragging about The Habit saying how much better it was than In-N-Out and then some. So he wanted to let me have a try to see if he was correct. The place was hopping. Ventura certainly must house many burger lovers!

I got the #1 The Charburger, fries and a drink. I loved my burger, it was cooked perfectly had a nice secret sauce, too much lettuce but I scooped it off and plenty of pickles. It rivals In-N-Out. The fries here are much better. So much so I think I will come back for the excellent fries themselves.

Scott ordered bacon on his burger. What was I thinking, not ordering the bacon?! I am trumped again by that darn Scott Good Taste... He has turned into an excellent foodie right before my very eyes. 

These are the afternoons that I will remember forever. 
Welcome to Southern California Springtime!

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JustinM said...

I really like the charred patties, you can taste that they were cooked over open flames. But as long as they use sesame seed buns, I will take In-N-Out over them every time.