Monday, March 25, 2013

Philippe The Original - Los Angeles, CA

I have always loved French Dips. Dipping in extra sides of au jus was my favorite. When I realized after dropping Scott off at the airport that I was only about 12 miles away from Philippe's - Home to the Original French Dip I was all in... I was directed through traffic in Chinatown, scoured a parking spot and made my way in...

There were six lines working and packed! Sawdust on the floor and cash in my hand I was ready.

I got a few extras in addition to my Double Dip Beef Dip. I got the chili straight, potato salad, a Wind and Sea Beer and my old stand by, Dr. Pepper. The beer was gross, one sip and I turned it away. The chili was smokey, not spicy. I wish there was more kick. The potato salad was marginal.

And how was the dip you ask? 

Well, it was ok. The au jus was not very flavorful and meat just ok. I really prefer to dip my own sandwich so I felt a little cheated the experience. I was not overwhelmed by flavor but I was thrilled to have made the journey, try a classic and explore Southern California.

It really was a special day!

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KirkK said...

Hi Melissa - The double dip lamb is the way to go here....