Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Firestone Tap Room - Paso Robles, CA

How many times have you driven passed the Firestone Tap Room off Highway 101 in Paso Robles? We have many times. So many in fact it finally stuck with Scott this trip and we decided to have diner there on Tuesday night. It looks really cool and industrial inside. 

Hey! There we are. Happy and ready try the best Firestone Brewing has to offer!

Krissi and Kat too.

I had the Double Barrel Ale and it was fantastic. Probably better out of the tap than the bottle. I have had it both ways and this is my favorite.

The menu - full of all fine sounding things.

Did you say Crab Cake? I said, "Yes, please." You know me, I have to try every cake available and this one didn't light my fire. I am not going to lie, I did eat the whole thing because I was starving but it just wasn't one of my all time favorites.

Scott and the girls had the Onion Rings and boy were they battered! Almost too much batter and not enough seasoning. They were left underwhelmed.

Fish and Chips are my standard so of course I got those too. I was really looking forward to these because they were made with halibut. Unfortunately, the batter wasn't cooked all the way through and it was doughy in the middle. It really bummed me out because I am rarely disappointed when I go the deep fried route. Although, I must say the fries were outstanding and the cole slaw was lovely.

The rest of the table ordered the Fish Tacos and it pains me to say that no one enjoyed it. It looked delicious but they just said there was no flavor. They were craving all things saucy and it just didn't deliver to their standards. 

Were we totally disappointed?  Yes and no. I was happy to review somewhere new but the food didn't seem to blow me out of the water. The beer was good, the space was cool and it was a nice to try somewhere new. Cheers!

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