Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lalo's - Ventura, CA

Lalo's is located on Ventura Avenue - not known as the most safe place in Ventura but I am sure home to the most authentic Mexican food, that is for sure. I have driven by Lalo's many times and today i was hungry enough to actually stop in and order. You walk up, order through the window and wait for your food to be called out.

To occupy my time I checked out the Trader Express, you never know when you find a deal!

I ordered two Shredded Beef Hard Tacos. They were very good. I was mostly looking for just a snack and this tided me over just fine. I have one small complaint, the shredded beef had two bites of globs of fat. I hate that, the sensation in my mouth when you bite into that just grosses me out. Clean up the beef pickings, and you will be perfection Lalo's!

To wash down those icky bites I had a big fountain soda. Sometimes there is nothing more refreshing or delicious to me than a big, icy soda. So there you have it, cheap and fast. Go to Lalo's for your next Mexican food fix.

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