Sunday, December 9, 2012

Golden Bass Sandwiches & Cucumber Salad

Scott Good Taste and I have been tightening up our games. We have been eating really healthy so we can show our bikini bodies off in Hawaii. We leave in a couple weeks so we are skimping on calories now, so we can splurge later! For dinner I tried to play up on textures and flavors without breaking the nutritional bank. Crunchy being the theme with fish sandwiches, cole slaw and cucumber salad. Let me walk you through our meal...

Haddock would have been my first choice for my fish sandwiches but this was all my fresh fish market had that was comparable, I was happy with the Golden Bass. I made the spicy coleslaw with a cole slaw mix, light touches of light mayo, sugar, white wine vinegar, sugar, Siracha Hot Sauce, salt and pepper. I let it rest in the fridge until the fish were ready. 

On a foil covered baking sheet I salt and peppered the fish, spread Dijon across the top of the fish and then pressed down the panko on top. I then baked it in the oven at 400 for 15 minutes, I checked the fish and then set the broiler on to brown the crunchy, panko. Perfection! 

 The Cucumber Salad was easy, easy. On a mandolin I sliced two cucumbers that I already peeled. Lovely, thin slices - just watch your fingers on those bad boys! Then mixed in a light asian salad dressing and let the marinade work through the cucumbers until your fish sandwiches have been assembled. A little salt, pepper and toasted sesame seeds made this a lovely, guilt free side dish.

Last night was movie night in our house so I whipped up some Banana Pudding with reduced fat Nilla Wafers. Nothing fancy but it satisfied our sweet tooth. 

See Melissa Good Taste doesn't eat like a teen age carnival worker all the time! I like to treat my body nicely in preparation for all the nachos I have been dreaming about lately... Happy Sunday!


kidicarus222 said...

Everything about this looks too good to be healthy.

Melissa Good Taste said...

Thank you!