Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cajun Kitchen Cafe - Ventura, CA

After we woke up at the beach we lingered in our pajamas until we declared ourselves starving. We checked out, jumped onto the 101 and went in search of breakfast. I don't usually like breakfast, I don't wake up hungry so it take me a couple hours to build up an appetite. We pulled into Ventura and I decided we should try the Cajun Kitchen Cafe since I have driven past it so many times.

I love a place that has different types of hot sauce piled up on the table. It is fun!

Scott got a Special that was scribbled on the wall - Lemon Sausage, Feta and Chile Scramble. There was a lot of food and i must admit the combination sounded a little wacky. He seemed to love it and enjoyed every bite until it was gone.

His breakfast came with toast and the other plate was a part of my Pancake Combo. I like my egg yolks runny and bacon crispy!

My order of pancakes were massive! I never can finish my plate when I order pancakes. I usually get halfway through and then I throw in the towel!

Breakfast is fun. It is rare we are in a restaurant in the morning so I like to savior this time over long cups of coffee. Christmas is almost here... I cannot wait to share my food adventures with you!

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