Friday, December 7, 2012

Snapper Jack's - Ventura

I never have been much of a fish taco fan. I figured why mess up a good piece of fish by stuffing it into a tortilla. But, those days have passed and the "Perfect Fish Taco" mission is on. 

I love going to Snapper Jack's in Ventura because the awesome salsa bar. It is not the typical generic salsa. They make it there and it tastes so good. I mix the darkest salsa with the "Shack Sauce" and it creates this wonderful creamy dip that is amazing with the perfectly salted chips that they serve.

And, this is what I order: Two crispy fish tacos with crispy shells, chips on the side. Terrible photo of the tacos, I know but... They taste terrific and I will be back for more photos of the taco. They are that good. 

What is your current food craving?

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Julia said...

You should try the breakfast burritos there, they're amazing!!! And the potato tacos are awesome too!