Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Date Day...

Scott has been home from Texas almost two weeks and we have not gone out on the town once! He was sick, I was sick and then we rode horses consistantly through it all and before we knew it we were just old mountain people never getting off our ranch in upper Ojai! So we made a plan to get out and do something yesterday because of the rain that came. First up, Starbucks for a Christmas time drink! 

If Scott was going to Ventura that meant he had to bring a board. He surfed in front of the Ventura Fairgrounds, it was really beautiful.

I declared it lunch.

Giant Fish Taco? Yes, sounds good. 

Date day continued on to the movies and we saw "Life of Pi" in 3D this was one crazy movie, wait until the end and you are really thrown for a loop! Amazing graphics though.

We stopped and got my Holiday time favorite - Nuts & Chews by See's Candy. They make the perfect gift in my opinon. No one can ever saw no to these bad boys.

Caution. I made chili last night. 

 I will not post the recipe because it was so flaming hot. It was so hot, that my stomach was doing gymnastics late into the evening. Aye yi yi. Melissa Good Taste take it easy!

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Brian said...

Next time you're at Spencer Mackenzie's give the clam chowder a try. It's my favorite rainy winter day meal in Ventura!