Monday, June 4, 2012

The Oaks - Ojai, CA

After we got home from Petaluma I was feeling a little stuffed from all the great food, wine and fun we were having so my Mom and I signed up for a day of fitness and detox at The Oaks in Ojai. Bright and early we pulled in to get our day jump started with a brisk walk through the outskirts of Ojai. Walk with me...

It didn't hurt we walked by some pretty beautiful homes. Keep walking...

And up and around on of the first ranches in the Ojai Valley, Quail Hollow. It backs up against Reese Witherspoons's house. Ooo la la!

When we got back to the spa breakfast was served! I sampled a little bit of each and was pleasantly surprised. It really wasn't that bad.

Down the hall are were the body work classes take place.

But, that pool was calling our names so we participated in the pool classes until lunch came around. I wore a lot of sun screen and worked it out in Pool Aerobics. What a fun day to spend with my mom!

Believe it or not, this meal is under 280 calories. It was so good too! I eat a lot of Mexican food and this  meal was right up there in terms of taste. Wow. I was very impressed with the meals here. 

Last but not least, dessert too! A little flan that lacked for sweetness but a splash of agave woke it right up! 

The Oaks is a great place. You can go for the day or stay there for weeks at a time. You eat low calorie meals, work out, pamper yourself at the spa and just concentrate on, YOU! It is a lovely experience. It is in my backyard but encourage anyone who wants some time to themselves or with a girlfriend (husbands are welcome too) check them out. They are pretty affordable in comparison to other spa vacations.

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