Thursday, June 21, 2012

Santa Barbara Shellfish Co. - Santa Barbara, CA

Scott and I woke up in Avila Beach hungry for real food so we packed up the suite and started to head North. As we both rode along we knew that a stop in Santa Barbara was both what we were longing for. We drove out onto the pier, parked and grabbed two seats at the bar.

I knew I wanted to try the Clam Chowder because I had heard it was good. It was good, not totally outstanding but did the job just fine. I liked that it was wasn't chunky, it was smooth and creamy. Good stuff.

Scott must have not been as hungry as I was because he just went for a Crab Salad Sandwich and opted to pass on the chowder. He did think the sandwich was delicious and thought the cole slaw and onion rings hit the spot.

I wanted to go big, I mean if we are at a house of all things shellfish - lets do it right! I ordered the whole crab and worked for every piece of it. Maybe I should have ordered the crab cocktail, all of the glorious meat and none of the work! It was all good though, I liked that it slowed me down so I could enjoy each morsel.

All done!

The day did not end there, in fact this is just where is started! Tune in to see where else we went on our little "staycation"...

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JustinM said...

I ate here two years ago. I thought it was good but not great, definitely not as great as people had told me it was. The location is impossible to beat, though.