Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blu Orkid - Ventura, CA

Scott Good Taste is always on the hunt for a new restaurant to add content to my blog. So when "My Florist" turned into "Blu Orkid" he declared we had to try it, you know for research purposes! Located just off the main drag in Ventura, you will find it at 76 Oak Street. They have their own parking lot which makes it really nice. Asian themed decor, open, and almost one with nature makes you feel really alive upon entering.

We arrived during Happy Hour so we got the menu and decided to play around. We had dinner plans later so we couldn't go to heavy on drinks or appetizers. The bartender suggested I try the Blu Orkid Martini. I happily agreed and loved it. It was sweet without being too much so and it did have a kick. They do not skimp on the alcohol here! 

Scott went with a Gin and Tonic. He said it was stout, I am assuming that is a good thing. 

On the Happy Hour menu I saw the "Ventura Crab Cakes" I am not sure if these were made in house, they seem a little perfectly shaped. The crab mixture was not too crab heavy bit the sauce was good and i was hungry. Not the best, but not the worst crab cake I have ever had either. 

But, the Ahi Tartar was amazing! Mango, peanuts, avocado and added so much flavor to each bite of the fish. The wonton chips were crunchy and an excellent vehicle for getting the mixture into your mouth. This was a home run!

We cannot wait to return and try the rest of their menu. There are cheeses, breakfasts, sandwiches, chicken and dumplings, miso salmon and much, much more that I would like to try! I will be back.

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