Saturday, June 23, 2012

Santa Barbara Zoo - Santa Barbara, CA

So we made our way to the zoo.. I mean we live just a short drive from a really special spot so we decided to check out what the Santa Barbara had to offer...
The gorilla was quite impressive. So much so Scott decided to take a family photo...


The giraffe was especially friendly. So much so that I would enjoy one as a pet. They enjoyed a hay bag of alfalfa so I am sure they would enjoy their home at Scott Weis Cutting Horses.

The parrot was stunningly beautiful with his rainbow of many colors. What a beauty!

Scott walked me through the repitle section of the zoo and it freaked me out so bad that I think he knew I might need a drink. Holy Moly.

I ordered a Harvey Wallbanger in my mom's honor and it did the trick. What fun!

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California Dreamin'[amywitt] said...

how fun is this!
love the lil giraffe!