Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The City, St. Johns - Antigua

We woke up on our first day in Antigua filled with adventure! After a breakfast of fruit, coffee and more waffles, butter and syrup for me we dressed for a day out on the town. We hired a taxi and met Benjie, our soon to be regular cabbie for the rest of the week.

The ride into St. Johns from our resort is a long bumpy one. The roads are not maintained very well and the vans are not the most luxurious for cruising. We needed a cold one to ease our achy bodies and snap us back into happy tourist mode!

Ahhh... look here, I have found a happy tourist!

Just a light snack to give us some oomph is what the Stuffed Crab back provided. Basically crab, tomato blend and Caribbean seasoning made up this little trinket. It did the job just fine.

The Antiguan History Museum was located downtown and we did pay our respects to learn more about the country. Did you know that they gained their independence from the British just in 1981? Wow. 

St. Johns is a cruise ship drop off site so there are street vendors up the ying yang.  

 The same little knick knacks, tank tops and shot glasses were the same at every little stand. We wanted to leave and go back to our side of the island. And so we called Benjie and he came and picked us up a couple hours before we had originally scheduled.

I just adored this little church that was built in the 18th Century. It is still in worship today, these are the little things I like to see on vacation! Not Bob Marley beanies with sewn on dreadlocks that can be purchased for 10 East Caribbean Dollars.

Home sweet home. The St. James Club really is gorgeous, this is the view from the road as you drive in. Not a bad place to be slumming it for a week.

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