Friday, January 20, 2012

Artisan - Paso Robles, CA

While we are in Paso Robles we like to go to our favorite restaurants and Artisan is always high n the list. Cowboy Ron had a great day at the show and tonight was a good night to celebrate that. He first chose a Pinot Nior, and then we made our way to this Brochelle Zinfandel. Wow! It was great!

Scott ordered one of these plates of Jalapeno Cornbread plates and shared them with the table. They were so good we ordered another! 

I ordered this Cauliflower Cheddar soup, it had a melted cheese crust on top and was hard to break into. Once I did it was warm and comforting. It lacked a little flavor and I was worried a cold had trapped my taste buds!

Scott and Kat both ordered the Pork Chop with the twice baked sweet potato. It was on special and they just adored it, it was a winner!

Cowboy Ron and I ordered the Slow Braised Lamb Shank served with roasted snow peas, onions, pan juices and mashed potatoes. Oh jeez, this was as close to heaven as one can get! Savory, tender and something I would never normally order! 

My favorite part of the meal: the custards! The top pot was Chocolate de Creme, left: Butterscotch Budino, bottom: Creme Brulee served with a shortbread cookie. Omg. I would like to order the Butterscotch by the drum. Very special meal. Stay tuned to where we go tonight!!

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