Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day - 2012

Hello my lovely bloggies! How was your New Years? And your Monday off of work? Hello, 4 day work week! My New Years Day was a fantastic one, let me walk you through it...

I am a big fan of the Jack in the Box egg roll! With extra sweet and sour sauce no one can stop me! We started off our day with these and a few tacos. Hey, we were on holiday!

We made up for our grease fest for time at the beach. Me: running. Scott: surfing. I logged a 30 minute jaunt at Emma Wood State Beach. After sweating it out I kicked off my shoes to soak my feet and stretch in the Pacific. I watched Scott catch waves, it was fun. I wish I took pictures of him surfing!

I have been complaining about not having better running shoes so my honey took me to the Pacific View Mall and spoiled me. I have brand new hot pink sneaks! Lucky girl.

We continued our Asian food theme until the end of the day. We stopped in at the Golden China in Ventura to catch the first half of the Cowboy vs. Giants game. It was a blowout so we ate our food and wandered home. The food wasn't too shabby but the atmosphere was dicey. We sat in the bar to eat because of the game and it was a bad mistake. It was dark and kind of creepy.

All in all it was an awesome day.  It is HOT in Southern California - 80 degrees today. So bizarre! I enjoy winter... cuddling up and wearing cozy sweat shirts. What the heck is happening?!  


SkippyMom said...

You're in CA - you need to come east if you want to wear the sweaters :) [or go north] I love this time of year because I have so many wonderful sweaters, but I wish it would snow already. We haven't had any, which is odd.

California Dreamin'[amywitt] said...

Hi Darling...
Love to hear how good you and Scott are doing...glad youre keeping him young! So jealous of all ur exercising wish I could do it with you! Hopefully we will be moving closer soon.
I spent my New Years at an Indian Muley can ooonnllly was super fun tho...none of my partners caught for me but Zeb and I won the ribbon roping and Derek won second in the 6 steer so all and all it was cool!

I have been contemplating new work-out shoes.. I don't know if I want the Reebok Zigtech or the ones similar to yours....

Miss you
Love you!!

JustinM said...

Seriously. I picked up Elizabeth at Bob Hope Airport at 4 on New Year's Day - it was 83 according to my car. Then we went home and sat on the patio and had a bottle of wine. (Well, okay, we had two.) I was wearing a long sleeve t shirt and I pushed my sleeves up because it was warm at 7:30 PM.