Sunday, January 1, 2012

Melissa Good Taste's #1 Giveaway!

I decided to start off the New Year right and spoil my Melissa Good Taste readers. My New Years Resolution is to better my 5k times and to maybe try a 10k sometime throughout the year. I am happy to announce I am going to be giving away a...

MARWARE SportShell Convertible for the iPHONE 4

The versatile Marware SportShell Convertible iPhone 4 case can transform into a hard shell case, an armband case, a belt case, and a tabletop viewing case. From the gym to the office, this is the only iPhone 4 case you’ll ever need.

• Includes a 360° rotating clip back piece that attaches to the armband, or to a belt, purse, bag or strap
• Rotating clip locks in place to stand the iPhone vertically or horizontally at 120°

• Rigid polycarbonate shell offers front, back and side protection from impact and scratching
• Reflective armband protects the iPhone 4 from perspiration

To be eligible for this give away just write me a comment, tell me what your New Year's Resolution is this year. I will have a random number generator pick the winner on Friday, January 6. If all goes well and everyone participates I will continue monthly giveaways throughout 2012!


SkippyMom said...

Nice give away Melissa. I like your resolution and I just bet it is one you can stick to and achieve.

I don't do new year's resolutions, per say, because I think that anytime I want to improve something or meet a goal I don't have to wait for a specific date. Any day works. :)[That is just me tho' - I admire people that make them and make them happen. Whatever works!]

If I had a wish for 2012 - it would be that I am still here come January 1st 2013, because 2011 was pretty nice.

Take care!

Nicola said...

My plan is to tun a 5K in the Minneapolis area this spring, would do it sooner but it is way too cold here!

Juls4199 said...

My new years resolution is to take better care of myself;exercise, eat better, get a pedi every now and then!
Luv the site

Lauren said...

My New Year's Resolution is to get my son on a horse ;)

That, and really dive into selling my artwork some more!
I'd like to double my art sales this, lots of hard work ahead to promote, paint and do whatever it takes! :)

Dicki Lavine said...

Obvious resolutions are to try to remain active and healthy but my number one resolution this year is to sell more Core Balance to our performance horse friends so that our horses can have the added benefit of staying healthy and sound while giving us their best!

Lani said...

My resolution is to ride my horse more and also to do more outdoor adventures with the kids that are not horse oriented.
Love the blog!!

Renee said...

My goal is to really enjoy every single day. Not to let the months go by without realizing and end up saying "Wow its already Feb."

California Dreamin'[amywitt] said...

My goals for 2012:
Change my diet.
Zumba, yoga, and swimming will also be #1 evening routines.
Complete my AS in Fashion Design and Business Management as well as receive my Real Estate License
Design more clothing.
Rope more.
Paint more.
Get closer to opening my own boutique.
Stop stressing on the small stuff.
And to just be HAPPY!

Look good, feel good, you do good!

Love ya!