Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Restaurant 1833 - Monterey, CA

I have read about Restaurant 1883 for quite sometime. I have heard the Pimms Cups were refreshing and the cheddar Biscuits were amazing. What I didn't know was that the restaurant was haunted! The house, one of the oldest adobes in California, was owned by John Stokes, a deserter from the British navy who masqueraded for years as a pharmacist and physician. His charade allegedly killed many people. The story is said that a ghost by the name of "Hattie" still frequents the home she passed away in... Spooky!

This was the Pimms Cup I was talking about: Pimms No. 1, Lemon, Cherry Vanilla Bitters, and Ginger Beer make up this concotion. It is perfectly sweet and makes you feel like your drinking a bubbly soda. A little alcohol and lots of fun.

Bacon Cheddar Biscuits served with Maple Chili Butter. As good as the description and worth the weight of the entire menu. I suggest just going and ordering these and cocktails, all night long.

A pan roast of Mahi Mahi, leeks, mushrooms, mussels and potatoes. Did I love it? No. Was it good? Yes, ok. I am not sure I would order it again. Just on the fence about this one.

Deconstructed S'more. I told the waiter that my dessert looked like a melted snowman and he barely grunted. That is one thing that I have not mentioned that bothered me that night. There was a table of young adults (us) and he kind of looked like he was disappointed to see us. I mean, this was a nice restaurant and he surely must be good enough to work there but I fetl like we were slighted in the fun department. Normally a good waiter has a good sense of humor. That is all I am saying...

This was our group for the evening. The guests of honor were Susie and Robert and we treated them to a  Goodbye Party! They are moving to South Carolina for work and a new beginning, how exciting! Best of luck to them and thank you Kate for arranging the evening. You are wonderful!

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SkippyMom said...

What a gorgeous group. :) Maybe the waiter was having an off night, but you guys look like you would be fun to serve.

And a "deconstructed" smore? Now I think I have heard of everything. [Yes, I have heard of deconstructed food, but a smore, with 3 ingredients is a bit much, don't you think. heehee]