Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cracked Crab - Pismo Beach, CA

As I made my way North on the 101 on my trip to my parents house I stopped in at a restaurant that I have wanted to try for quite awhile: The Cracked Crab.

I have heard the debate between Splash Cafe and the Cracked Crab. I am quite the connoisseur of all things chower and crab cake so I was ready to try both. I will have to say this chowder was quite good. I have yet to try Splash's version so the jury is still out on which is best.

These crab cakes were pretty spectacular. ALL crab, the way it should be. Finally someone is getting it right!

I blew in and blew out of this place all under 30 minutes. I cannot wait to return with friends and family to truly dive deeper in the menu. 

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JustinM said...

I have been going there since 2001. I still like the place, but the prices (I usually get the bucket for two) keep going up and the portions on my last two trips have been pretty miniscule.