Monday, January 30, 2012

Settling at St. James Club - Antigua

Scott and I took a taxi cab from the airport and it took about 30 minutes to reach the St. James Club. We couldn't wait to check out our room, balcony, beach and everything we could before the sun set that evening. This is the view we had from our room, pretty spiffy right?

The room was one of the Royal Suites and it was perfectly comfortable. Fans and air conditioning were nice when we wanted to close the patio doors and enjoy a nap. There was cable and most importantly, Bravo and the Food Network! Yes. We had a kitchenette complete with fridge and coffee maker, pretty much the basics. It had everything we needed.

Our private beach that we enjoyed evening swims and sunset watching. It really was lovely.

Dinner time at the Docksider was your basic International Buffet. We were just so happy to be there!

.My mix of pork, fish, beef and vegetables. Nothing too outstanding but we simply did not care. We were on vacation! Rum flowing through our veins made us very happy campers! 

Until tomorrow...

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