Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Aloha Steakhouse - Ventura, CA

Hello Alvin! 

Hello Cassie!
The Ranch crew has been enjoying working with our remuda this week because of the cool weather. It is nice to throw on a sweat shirt in the morning. It makes me feel snuggly. Anyway, the horses are all on their game and are gearing up for upcoming shows to Bakersfield and Paso Robles.

 After long days at the ranch Scott and I get to occasionally treat ourselves to date nights on the town. This particular evening we went to one of our beach front favorites, Aloha. I felt festive by ordering a fruity cocktail - The Kauai Love.

We decided to start with an appetizer of a Stuffed Artichoke with sauteed mushrooms. It was an interactive starter that required a little work with our conversation. I totally recommend it. 

I ordered the Parmesan crusted Orange Roughy and regretted it based on my first saw through the "batter" it was an egg based and it was soggy and tough. A weird situation for such a tender fish. The taste of parmesan was nonexistent. I just ordered bad plain and simple.

Please do not let my entree order scare you away from this place. I usually leave here feeling amazing and totally pleased. Just steer around this order and try something else. I promise you will be content!

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