Saturday, September 27, 2014

Miz Shirley Marie's - Wilton, CA

 My Mom dis some guest blogging for me at the horse show while I was away. Miz Shirley Marie's Food Truck was all the rage from what I heard from my fellow cutters. From the jambalya to the wings the food rocked.

Based on the menu alone you know I would have had to the try the Nacho Fries. I can just imagine the boat of deep fried fries smothered in an excessive amount of nacho cheese and then hopefully topped with some sort of sinful protein. Ah yes, I can imagine those fries. 

My friend, Beth was a kind model for what my Mom called one of the "best sandwiches she has ever had in her life"- the Shrimp Po Boy. I thought it was a bold statement but based on the rave reviews from every person who dined with them that day, it must be true.

I like the looks of the sandwich immediately because it appeared to be perfectly sauced. I like a sandwich that is moist and this looks like it is done so. The shrimp were freshly battered and fried, giving each bite a snap. The bun had been warm and browned on the griddle, ding ding! More points earned! But, those fries, look at those glorious fries! I love a good steak fry and those look great.

Ok, my readers if you are located in the northern California area you can check out Miz Shirley's yorself. Their reviews can be found on Yelp: MIZ SHIRLEY MARIE'S and it gives you a link to their locations for the day. Give it a try!

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