Sunday, September 21, 2014

Capriccio - Ventura, CA

I must apologize for not blogging in like, forever... I was busy being a supportive horse show wife and competitior. I wear many hats! And lets resume with our regular blogging schedule...

 Main Street in Downtown Ventura is a happening place. When I was new to the area I used to stroll the sidewalks and enjoy the blocks of stores, restaurants and bars. One place I had not dined yet was Capriccio so I rallied my two foodies, Dana and Darla for a visit. Inside the corner restaurant it has a lot of local art on its brick laid walls, which made for a lot of visual interest. 

We were starving so torn into the bread the second it was set on the table. The olive oil and basalmic was lovely. We ate more than we should have.

When Dana and I heard the "Soup of the Day" was lobster bisque we got a little excited and ordered it. The bowl was a large one and I instantly knew I over ordered but didn't care at all. The soup was nice and I used the remaining bread as a vehicle to get more of the creamy bisque inside of me. I forced myself to stop eating so I would have room for my entree.

Darla was a good little eater and ordered the Walnut Salad with addition of chicken. It is complete with field greens, roasted pears, candied walnuts and blue cheese. That is my kind of salad! If I was craving lettuce that day, I would have followed her lead!

There was a special of Salmon Almondine served with a Vegetable Risotto and I jumped on that train. I love the trout version so I decided the salmon must be just as delicious. The fish was cooked perfectly and the almond coating was nice. However, I do wish it was served with some kind of sauce. The thick piece of fish and nuts made for a dry bite if you did not include the risotto in each forkful. The risotto itself was nice but the large chunks of al dente vegetables distracted me. I think the pieces should be served smaller and cooked to resemble the rice, soft and creamy.

It was a nice meal, totally comfortable atmosphere and service on point. A great place to stop in for lunch. If you are lucky enough to snag a table outside you will be entertained by the people watching!

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