Friday, October 3, 2014

Blue Stove - Thousand Oaks, CA

What is better than finding a really classy Christmas Outfit at Nordstrom's half off? Well... Not much but the lunch I had at their in house restaurant, Blue Stove comes in a close second! Read on...

I have had a Nordstrom's Gift Card burning a hole in my pocket (Thank you Kate Good Taste) for quite sometime now and after scrolling online for something that caught my eye I just never used it. I decided maybe a trip to the actual store might do the trick and it worked! After my successful trip I was starting to get a little hungry. A glass of Chenin Blanc perked me up and I was ready to make a lunch decision. 

 They must of knew I was coming... A perfectly sized portion of scallop to risotto was waiting patiently for me on the menu. The Lemon Scented Risotto was lovely, as was the jumbo scallop that was nicely split three ways. I must say this deal of a meal was only $12. In fact nothing on their menu is over $13. I know the portions are smaller and meant for sharing but for me, they were just my size.

Do I love Nordstrom's? Of course. Do I love Blue Stove even more? Absolutely! I will be a repeat guest for sure!

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