Monday, September 8, 2014

Madonna Inn - San Luis Obsipo, CA

Yesterday was a great day! I woke up early on my Sunday morning and took a drive up north on the 101 to have a great visit with my sister. We met at the Madonna Inn for breakfast and I couldn't be more thrilled at our VIP status. Our table was reserved when we walked in and we had the best seat in the house. What fun!

I ordered an Iced Tea in a pretty pink Carnival glass goblet with a rock sugar candy on top. It is mostly just for fun but it is too cute for swirling in your beverages. I like the interactiveness of it all. They are .75 cent s if you want one to go home with you. So worth it...

I ordered Pancakes and was not disappointed. These pancakes were light, fluffy and made specifically for me! The batter is what makes them and they are doing it just right. I love that the butter came out room temperature, there is nothing worse than trying to spread cold butter! The syrup was lovely as well. I cannot brag enough on these cakes!

I asked for my side of bacon to come out crispy and it too was done just right. Sweet and salty bites from the pancakes and from the pork. The one thing I would have wished was the plate of bacon was never ending... 

I really enjoyed this morning meal with my sister because the special time I spend with her is so few and far between.  The Madonna Inn is a perfect place to meet for us as it is almost halfway for the two of us. I see many meals being shared gabbing with her here. 

What a beautiful day!

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