Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bell Street Farm - Los Alamos, CA

On the drive home from the Madonna Inn last week I made a few pit stops on the way home. Most were fashion shopping related but one of them was to the Bell Street Farm in Los Alamos. I had heard any exciting things about their food and concepts so I decided to wheel in and see for myself. It is an order at the counter joint, that gives you a number and then they walk out food. They ask for a tip but I am always confused on how to tip them, considering at that point I was not given any service and have no idea on what they truly deserve.  

I ordered a real Coke and asked for water on the side. I was never given a refill on the water. So I guess the tip I left was pretty hefty given the service. You got me Bell Street Farm, you got me. 

I always love a good soup, you know that. This was ok. Minestrone was fine but in my personal opinion I prefer my vegetables cut into much smaller pieces. I don't want a knife and fork soup, I want soft and silky. The flavor was good despite needing a shake of salt, that was not on the table.

I was torn on what salad to order, on paper they all sounded good but I was talked into the Rotisserie Pork Salad by the cashier so I followed his lead. The menu read"Hot and Crispy Pork belly wrapped Shoulder" and I would love to say it was really that but a more accurate description would be "Warm and Chewy". The butter lettuce was fresh, onion fantastic and roasted potato was just fine.

Did I love Bell Street Farm? I wanted to, I really did. It was darling and the owner greeted and waved goodbye to all the patrons. The food was ok. Maybe I ordered bad, I would give it another shot but it had better deliver!

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