Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vegan Mario - Oak View, CA

I have been running around crazy with errands with the horses, everyday chores and my own restaurant work. It has been quite warm so my appetite has been not too hearty. I usually get in my speedster and whiz down the hill with a cold drink and not think about sitting down for a big meal.

The temperature almost hit triple digits and I have a picture to prove it! Holy smokes!! I knew I wanted something in my tummy but I couldn't think of anything that paired well with the high temperatures. But, then an idea finally struck! Vegan Mario just opened in Oak View so I decided to give them a go.

Upon walking in the new building I noticed just how clean, cool and maybe a little bare everything was. I know they are a new business so I didn't judge. I saw a refrigerator with Ball jars of a variety of juices and vegan options. I was in the mood for drinking my vitamins so I ordered their Green Juice with kale, cucumbers, celery and apples. It was very refreshing, and a very large portion. The cost was $10 and if I brought back the jar it would cost me $9 to have it refilled.

I had my eye on their pizza menu, in fact this one with veggies, basil and cashew cheese caught my eye. I am not normally such a healthy eater but it had the right look for a perfect pizza.

With juice in hand, I zoomed off to my next location happily sipping in between sing sessions with the radio. I am happy I went in to get a cold pressed juice and support a new restaurant within our community. Go and support Vegan Mario's and see if they have anything you might just fancy!

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