Tuesday, July 22, 2014

La Madeleine - Fort Worth, TX

Scott and I arrived in Texas last week and were welcomed to rain! Rain and warm weather has made the countryside so green! The rain fooled us into seeking a comforting setting and what could be more so than a quaint French cafe? 

I am not going to lie Le Madeleine is a little confusing when you walk in. You have to place your order or choose to take from the food line right when you walk in the door. It makes for an awkward experience when you feel pressure to hurry up and order something as the hostess stares at you. I felt the pressure and made my decision of Tomato Basil soup pretty quickly. 

All Scott wanted was coffee and breakfast. Eggs, tomatoes and a croissant is all he wanted. He made the hostess's life easy. I stared at her blanking a little too long for comfort deciding what I wanted with my soup.

Surely a French Dip from a French cafe would be tasty right? Despite the greasy au jus, which did not offend me at all, it was a hell of a sandwich. My only complaint was that I only ordered a half! I could have really dug into another side of that sandwich! 

I noticed the bakery case on my way out and as I lie in bed typing this I am kicking myself for not getting a little somethin' somethin'. A lemon tart or a chocolate macaroon sound really good right now!

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