Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Max's Wine Dive - Fort Worth, TX

You know I am always looking for new restaurants to explore so when I discovered Max's Wine Dive on 7th Street in the Cultural District of Fort Worth I was very happy. I had reservations and we were seated at a tall top in the very small dining space. It was buzzing with diners as the restaurant was quite full but I loved all the action.

We were treated with Chicken Meatballs by the Chef. He was placing them down left and right to patrons. I love that! It is such a fun way to get excited about your upcoming meal. It tasted alot like Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy, which I think is fantastic! 

After placing our orders the Chef surprised us with another goodie, Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings! It was actually Thai Peanut Sauce and a Blackberry Coulis but it was so much fun I could hardly contain myself. The fried chicken was messy but I had a great time getting my hands (and face) dirty. Yum, yum!

Scott went pretty simple for dinner and ordered a Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup. It really is a classic order when done right and this was! Guyere, provolne and a red pepper pimento cheese made this the perfect melt. I enjoyed the fried chips too, they were light and salty!

Cowboy Ron went for the Fried Chicken Dinner and loved ever bite. The pieces of chicken were moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The greens and mashed were tasty but served a little cold to his liking. The problem could have simply been because he dug into the chicken first, the taters may have been afterthought and cooled during his chicken devouring. 

And now for my wonderful dish, Blackened Diver Scallops. Three perfectly cooked scallops came afloat in jalapeno creamed corn complete with candied bacon and popcorn shoots. How delicious does that sound?! It tasted as good as expected and I recommend it to EVERYONE! Even to non-seafood lovers. It will make you a believer!

The house treated us to a sweet treat before we waddled out. How does a warm Bacon Sugar Cookie served with Blueberry Mascarpone sound? It was out of this world!! Cowboy Ron and Scott Good Taste let me do must of the calories damage on this one as I consumed 3/4 of this solo. It was just so good! They cut the regular amount of butter and replaced it with bacon lard so it was fatty, smoky heaven! I would go back for this again and again and again...

Max's and Chef Stefon Rishel surpassed all my expectations with our dinner here in Fort Worth. I do a lot of research on restaurants and Max's showed up on the radar but I never visited it before now and I feel foolish for not dining sooner! Make sure you make a reservation, order a bottle of Goldeneye Pinot and bring your favorite foodie friends. This place is fun!

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