Thursday, July 17, 2014

TJ's Seafood - Dallas, TX

Just before we left for Texas I had an appointment to get my hair done. My regular gal had to cancel so I went for the option of having someone else doing it in the salon for the first time. Big mistake! My normally golden blonde was suddenly a brassy orange and I was devestated. I made the trip and for 1500 miles stared at my new do and was not having it. One phone call and I was hooked up for a hair recovery at ERA Salon in Dallas, Texas. Just across the street was this shopping mall and a place we could squeeze in lunch before my appointment.

TJ's Seafood Market is filled with terrific to-go fresh fish options but it also serves lunch! I loved looking through the case of seafood options but was starving so we ordered up, took a number and sat at one of the tables in the small eating area. 

Scott went for the Halibut Tacos and a cup of Seafood Chowder. The fish on the tacos was great and the smoky salsa was sneakily hot, hot, hot! The chowder was jam packed full of pieces of fish, shrimp and potatoes. It was very hearty! 

 I ordered the chowder as well and tried my best to not scald my mouth while eating it. It came out hot, just how I like it. The crab cake was heavenly. I haven't had a good one in so long so it was nice to savor every bite. I almost wish I had ordered two and skipped the chowder. It was that good. 

As for my hair, this is how is turned out... They salvaged the color but recommended I do my hair a favor and cut off a few inches... or 5. I was hesitant as I have always loved long hair but was ready for a change! What do you think?

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