Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Familia Diaz - Santa Paula, CA

James, Kate, Scott and I rode all morning and they got lessons on how to cut cattle. I helped out and made the mornings instruction go as smoothly as possible. By noon, we were all hungry and James was craving a chips and salsa so I took them to Familia Diaz - complete with there own salsa bar! Kate claimed they were the best chips she has ever had and the salsa super good! 

Any trip to Familia Diaz is not complete without the Sunset Margarita. It is the best, they are pink! 

Scott wanted Bean Dip and he got this mountain of spicy goodness. By the time our food arrived we were stuffed from the chips and dip!

James ordered the carnitas because it was photographed on their menu, he figured they must be pretty proud of it. He seemed to enjoy every bite and ate them like little burritos with tortillas brought to the table.

Both Scott and Kate ordered tostadas, which are like mini salads with rice on the side. They too seemed very pleased with their selections. 

I ordered the Spicy Chili Colorado. It was entirely too much food and I ended up bringing more than half home with me but the sauce is very good. It most definitely spicy and the tender pieces of beef are succulent.

It is a really good place for weekday lunch specials, and Wednesday's they feature half off their margaritas! It is no Dona Esther's but it does the trick here.

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