Saturday, February 1, 2014

PF Changs - Mesa, AZ

Scott and I have been busy showing horses in Arizona this week so I apologize for my lack of posting. Last night after we were done for the night we drove into town and decided to go to PF Changs for dinner. With a well earned cocktail in front of me, I finally relaxed for the first time all day!

Scott read my mind and immediately ordered the Crab Wontons as an appetizer. What I enjoyed most about these is that they were not filled with cream cheese. They were tasty dipped in the trip of sauces mixed all together.

Scott went big and ordered the limited menu's Spicy Beef dish. Filled with cabbage and peppers made for a textural masterpiece but truly lacked in spice. Paired with white rice it was just lovely.

I went for my predictable route and ordered salmon. It had a miso glaze and say on a bed of perfectly cooked asparagus. I scooped a bit of white rice, splashed teriyaki sauce over the top and went on down to chow town!

Sometimes we dine out and get really bored with what is on the menu but PF Changs mixes that up for us. We don't visit the restaurant often but when we go, it has sure been pleasant. 

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