Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Girl's Day - Ojai, CA

Yay! We made it back to Ojai and I got a day off. Free to blow out my hair, wear make-up and get dressed up in something other than cowgirl clothes. I rallied my girlfriends and made plans for a lovely ladies lunch at Suzanne's. All aboard!!

We both were craving salads and an upgraded version at that. How does mixed greens, duck confit, tomato, blue cheese, candied walnuts and green apples sound? Yum! It was exactly what I wanted and it felt good to have a good gab session.

And then, and then, wait for it... I came home to flowers from Scott! How special is that? He wanted to thank me for a job well done at the horse show and it was very nice to be recognized. I know he works hard too so for us to do it together is always rewarding.

Cheers to a super day! 

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