Monday, February 10, 2014

Buona Tavola - Paso Robles, CA

Scott and I drove up to Paso Robles fairly early on Thursday afternoon so we could beat the rain, get a nice dinner and go to bed early. Well, two out of three isn't bad. We got drenched. It was ok though, as we so desperately need the rain so it was a blessing. After we checked in, changed out of wet clothes we made a our 6:00 reservation at Buona Tavola.

I like the open kitchen, you get to see the chef working his magic.

They start you off with an olive tapenade and soft, fresh bread. I used to love olives more than I do now, I just do not crave the taste of them anymore. But, I do love capers and anchovies, yum yum!

A creamy, hot soup was just what I wanted to warm me up so when I heard the soup special was a Cauliflower puree I got very excited. It was so silky and absolutely comforting. It was a large sized serving but I just took my time. It was delightful.

From one creamy dish to the next, I stayed on trend and ordered appropriately. I am a sucker for the Pumpkin and Ricotta filled Tortelloni with a marscapone cheese sauce, sage and chopped walnuts. It is just lovely. I really shouldn't eat the entire plate but I do. Slowly, but very lovingly.

Scott went for a completely different route and had a short tube pasta dish filled with tomato, sausage and topped with parmasaen. I am sure it was delicious, he encouraged mw to try his but I was over stuck on creamy Cloud 9.

I love going to Buona Tavola because it has the same great food as others in town, without the pretentiousness. They serve nice food, leave you alone and do not circle your table like a hawk - ready to fill it with the next paying customer. It is a relaxed experienced with comforting food.

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