Saturday, February 15, 2014

Zenshin - Las Vegas, NV

Melissa Good Taste had another Cowgirl Valentine's Day while we were in Las Vegas. We worked all day doing our horse show thing at the South Point Casino.

Zenshin is a Japanese restaurant in the casino that had reservations available for Scott, myself and Cowboy Ron. They had a cool Valentine's menu that read very tasty.

We ordered a dozen kusshi oysters with caviar and fish eggs on top. It was just perfect. A terrific way to start our meal.

I ordered the Sake Halibut with wilted spinach, roasted beets and pea tendrils. The fish was extremely moist but truly lacked flavor. I wanted a tasty sauce to go with it! The roasted beets were not too tender so eating those were a problem.

Scott had the Filet Mignon with Lump Crab, Brie Cheese, Mashed Potatoes with Bearnaise. Holy moly, plate of richness! He was in heaven, bite by bite with a smile on his face.

We had a fantastic meal and I was lucky enough to have two Valentine's! Thank you Scott and Cowboy Ron!!!

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