Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Social Tap - Ventura, CA

Scott and I have been quite social within our community these past few days. Running errands together and enjoying where we live has kept us busy. On one particular evening we stopped into Social Tap and it was packed. Definitely popular and particularly hard to find a parking spot.

We cooled our jets with an 805. I wonder if anyone makes an 831?

We ordered the four taco pack to sample one of each. These being chicken and pork, my favorites. The salsa was not spicy, very tomatoey. So if you looking for that punch of spice, this will not be your thing.

The other two tacos were my least favorites, vegetarian and steak. I did not care for the veggie one because it was crammed with under cooked bell peppers and bland quinoa. The steak one had nothing wrong with it, I just preferred the others. It is too bad the salsa isn't very good because their chips are terrific!

We since returned to Social Tap this past weekend to catch the tail end of the 49er game. We sampled an order of their Truffle Fries and they were amazing! Knowing what to order where is the key to happy dining! Cheers!

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