Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fresco II - Oxnard, CA

Please excuse the lack of posts, Scott took the computer for a work trip and I was left without means for blogging. So lets get caught up! Last week before Scott hit the road he took me out for a lovely lunch at the Channel Islands Harbor. How about that for a view?

Fresco II serves up Mediterranean cuisine, sometimes when I hear that I wonder what exactly does that mean? When I sum it up in my head I figure it is a mish mash of a lot of cultures so an eclectic menu is what I hope for.

Scott went for healthy an ordered a beautiful Chicken Salad with tons of sliced vegetables. I was pondering on ordering it but it sounded entirely too boring so I ventured down deeper into the menu.

I saw the spicy Shrimp and Scallop Pasta and decided right then that is what I wanted. They don't joke when they say it is spicy, slices of jalapenos don the dish and it kept me addicted bite after bite. The seafood was cooked lovely and the broth was worthy of bread dipping.

I heard that the restaurant becomes quite the night club and happy hour specials are visit worthy. I was more than impressed with my dish, and even just thinking about it now makes me hungry for more.

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